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Choice Games Semi-Private Class $35 per classPurchase required to enroll

During this semi-private class, you will practice reading your dog and using choice games to help your dog be well-mannered and calm. This is not about obedience, but about communication between dog and owner. Please reserve your spot as classes are only open to 2-3 students. No previous training is required, but you must be able to control your dog around another dog and dogs that are aggressive or reactive are not allowed in this particular class.


Dog Training Foundations Workshop

The Foundations workshop meets once and includes 90-minutes of in-person training as well as material for you to review at home. New students with dogs should start here. This is also a great review for anyone looking to revisit the foundations.

What is covered during this workshop?

There are a handful of skills that your dog should master in order to be successful with training. These foundations skills are used in many areas of training and we want your dog to be solid and reliable with them.

This 90-minute workshop will take you and your dog through each of the foundation skills. You will also learn about equipment, canine body language,

training methods and more.

During this semi-private workshop (up to three students) you will learn about:

Food control

Stay and Break in Three Positions



This workshop is not for reactive or aggressive dogs.

Scent Enrichment Games Intro (3 Weeks) Purchase required to enroll

Skills Course Level One Purchase required to enroll


Puppy and Adolescent Dog Skills Class

Give your puppy a job and work on life skills in this active skills class.

MJ’s Skills Class

Work through a variety of skills and techniques including obedience, manners and even foundation skills for sports and tricks.

Detection Dog Class (Dogs on Odor) $35 per classPurchase required to enroll

This class is for dogs who have completed "Intro to Scent Games." Have fun with challenging searches inside and outside as well as at different locations.

Obedience Heelwork $35 per classPurchase required to enroll

This 45-minute lesson is for anyone looking to learn competitive style obedience heeling through positive and motivational techniques. The session is for 2 handlers and dogs. You will be paired with another student for a personalized class. With some exceptions, we may allow up to three students.

Purchase individually or use a ten-class pass.

Please, sign-in to reserve.

Puppy Train & Play Lesson $35 per classNo purchase required to enroll


Positive Grooming Lesson: Face, Feet and Fluff $65 per classPurchase required to enroll

This semi-private grooming workshop is open to three attendees/workshop. During the 'Face, Feet and Fluff' workshop, you will learn how to maintain your dog's coat between full grooms including bathing and brushing techniques, paw, face, and sanitary trimming, brushing and coat care and even nail care tips.

Learn to care for your dog's coat while teaching your dog to love every part of grooming. Your dog will have a full clean-up grooming during the workshop.

Please prepare for a full afternoon of grooming.

Even if you bring your dog in for regular appointments, learning to care for the coat at home will help with maintaining a healthy coat and can be important for senior dogs later in life.


Nail Trim No purchase required to enroll

Grooming Orientation Seminar Free

Learn more about our Positive Grooming services in this free seminar. You will have the opportunity to book your pet's grooming appt. during the seminar. Please do not bring your pet to the seminar. This event is for people only.

What is Positive Grooming?

-Learn about the MJ's grooming process and Positive Grooming
-Learn grooming and coat care tips
-Complete the MJ's grooming intake process
-Ask questions and talk to a groomer

Dog Wash Wednesday (Returning Customers)

Dog Wash Wednesday $27.99 per classNo purchase required to enroll

We provide Bath Packages at a discounted rate from $17.99 to $27.99, for a limited time on Wednesdays. Please be sure to enroll to reserve your appointment. Simply drop your dog off at the start time and pick up a clean, fluffed dog later. Your dog will be washed, conditioned, dried, have a basic brush-out, have their nails trimmed and filed, teeth brushed, and ears cleaned all for a discounted price. Dogs getting full grooming packages or that require de-matting or heavy brushing during this time are not eligible for Dog Wash Wednesday discounts.