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Regular Classes

Attend any class within your level using your class pass. Before your first class, please begin with an evaluation to determine the best starting place for your dog.

Puppy Education and Pre-School VIRTUAL $35 per class From $23 per visit with Ten Classes Plus Bonus Virtual Tricks pass Purchase required to enroll

Virtual Puppy Class for Puppies that are too Young

You don't have to wait for your puppy to be fully vaccinated or even born before you begin educating yourself on how to properly train and socialize your new family member.

Get ready to set your new puppy up for a lifetime of success. You can begin training your puppy from day one in order to prevent the most common household problems.

We created this class for puppy owners to safely train their new puppy. Once enrolled, you will receive the link for a virtual classroom (zoom). Each session includes a 30 to 40-minute Group zoom classroom (participant and host camera enabled), a homework exercise for both new and soon-to-be puppy owners as well as some additional content. This class will prepare you for success and for your in-person training at MJ's.

Passes may be used for all regular classes. Any leftover passes when your puppy is ready to switch to in-person learning can be used for Puppy kindergarten and Puppy Skills. Expiration dates still apply.

Scheduled in 6 week intervals

Puppy Kindergarten (Off Leash Series) $35 per class From $23 per visit with Ten Classes Plus Bonus Virtual Tricks pass Purchase required to enroll

This series is for Puppies between the ages of 12 and 19 weeks. Proper play, social skills, handling, and life skills are emphasized. This is an important class for young puppies and combines expertise, experience, and techniques backed by research on handling young puppies.

Puppies will work through drills and skills off-leash.

This class will sometimes be held at the same time as other classes running for added distraction and social opportunities.

Pre-Req: recommended that owners begin with virtual Puppy Pre-School through MJ's before joining this in-person class, but this is not required.

Scheduled in 6-week intervals

Puppy Skills Class

Train and play with your puppy in this skills class just for puppies up to 8 months.

You and your puppy will work on basic obedience skills and manners together. When your puppy ages out, you will be moved up to level one. You can use your class passes for any regular class within your level.

Prereq: Attend evaluation or approval from instructor

Requirements: Your puppy should be home for at least 14 days before attending class. Provide your puppies vaccine documents and negative fecal with approval from trainer before your first group class.

Obedience Level 1: Manners & Skills (Undergraduate)

LEVEL ONE (Undergraduate)

Attend any class within your level using your class pass

Work through basic obedience skills such as coming when called, walking politely, leave-it, stays and more through dog training activities combined with motivational coaching from your instructors. Play games with your dog to conquer the level one skills.

Prereq: Attend evaluation or permission from instructor.

Requirements: Your dog's current vaccines records must be provided. Your dog should be friendly around other dogs and people. Dogs that find the group class environment challenging, may be better suited for one of our other services. Your instructor will let you know if this is the case.

Obedience: Level 1 Manners & Skills (Graduate) From $23 per visit with Ten Classes Plus Bonus Virtual Tricks pass Purchase required to enroll

This class is for graduates of MJ's Puppy Skills classes as well as level 1 dogs that are close to earning their level one certificates, but not quite ready for level two. Level one students should only join this class if instructors have approved. At the graduate version of level one, there is a greater focus on more advanced handler techniques for working through the level one skills.

Obedience Level 2: Beyond the Basics

LEVEL TWO (Attend any class within your level using your class pass)

More challenges, distractions and obedience skills await in level two.

Prereq: Earn a level one certificate before moving up.

Scent League (Timed Searches, Games and Practice)

Practice your searches and play games. Mixed level practice class.

Obedience Level 3: Advanced From $23 per visit with Ten Classes Plus Bonus Virtual Tricks pass Purchase required to enroll

The advanced class is for dogs who have graduated from Obedience Level 2.

Dog Tricks (group 1) From $23 per visit with Ten Classes Plus Bonus Virtual Tricks pass No purchase required to enroll

Welcome to the ultimate trick dog class! All levels are welcome to sign up. The group number indicates which theme schedule the relating time slot follows. Ongoing enrollment means you can begin anytime.

Handlers will learn how to shape, rethink training, and train in new and creative ways to create complex tricks and routines with their dogs.

Themes change on a rotating schedule. Please read the description for themes. While this class allows for flexible pass use, we highly recommend attending class on week to week basis to complete the themes.

No experience required but dogs must be comfortable around other dogs and people. This is not a setting for reactive behavior.

Sign up and start learning our signature tricks and more!