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Private Coaching and Behavioral

Behavioral Consultation and Coaching $160 per appointment Purchase required to enroll

This 90-minute session will help you work through behavioral concerns with your dog. Your trainer will help you make a plan to solve behavioral problems and provide both coaching on techniques and advice for implementing them at home. After your first consultation, a package may be offered based on your needs.

Obedience Coaching $80 per appointment No purchase required to enroll

Take your dog's obedience to the next level with private coaching.

Virtual Training Session $90 per appointment Purchase required to enroll

Distance coaching is available on a number of topics including obedience, scent, pet dog skills, professional consultations, trick dog, enrichment, and more.

Your trainer will work with you on problem areas and goal setting. Every case is unique and having a custom plan can help you and your dog overcome some of the most common problems.

How do you increase your dog's ability to pay attention? How do you get your dog to listen even around distractions? How do you get better responses from your dog?

Get the personalized answers to these questions and more for your individual dog.

Other popular virtual lesson topics include:

-Learning how to train obedience skills
-Improving leash handling skills
-Improving timing
-Understanding multiple marker systems
-Improve your training mechanics and handling
-Dog trick training
-Managing Multiple dog households
-Consultation for professional dog trainers, walkers and handlers.